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Message from the Board Chair – Debra Keller-Greene

I am honored and humbled to serve in the capacity of Chairwoman for the Board of Directors, Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce (GBBCC) and to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors, Raymond V. Haysbert, Sr. and Delegate Barbara A. Robinson.

When asked by Delegate Robinson to serve as Board Chair in her place last year, I asked myself and Delegate Robinson two questions:  “Why me?” and “what do I have to offer the organization?” I also asked God to guide me in making the right decision for the right reasons.  After many conversations with God and some reflection on the commitment involved, I accepted the charge to lead a team of leaders towards accomplishing the organization’s Mission:   “To provide support and leadership for the growth and development of black-owned and operated businesses and to advocate for economic empowerment of the African American Community within the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area.”

Why me?  Mr. Haysbert and Delegate Robinson have mentored me throughout my years in business.  Both have contributed to my development as a business woman in my role as CEO of Keller Professional Service, and as Secretary to the Board of Directors for GBBCC since 2009.    

What do I have to offer the organization? A passion to fulfill its Mission– and a sense of duty to fulfill the legacy of Mr. Haysbert who worked tirelessly to help me and others like me with our business dream –

After further reflection, I recognized some common qualities among those serving in the capacity of Board Chair for the GBBCC: longevity in business, a drive to give back and pay-forward by sharing knowledge that benefits others, advocating on behalf of black and minority businesses and a strong desire to effect positive change towards economic equality for the African American race.

My Vision as Board Chair is for the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce to play a key role in qualifying more black businesses to compete for government and private sector opportunities and contribute substantially toward sustainable employment for Baltimore’s African American workforce.

Accomplishments during my tenure as Board Chair:

  •          Engagement with Sagamore Development to identify and qualify black businesses for opportunities  at Port Covington – supported opposition to Project Labor Agreement due to negative impact on small and minority business
  •          Facilitation of workshop in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs on ‘Ready Set Grow” – The Benefits of Qualifying as an MDOT Minority Certified Business – Checklist for Business Validation
  •          Representation on Governor’s Labor Commission Board
  •          Facilitation of workshop on Developing Your Capability Statement – Requirements for Qualifying to do Business at Port Covington 
  •          New Partnership:  Raymond V. Haysbert, Sr. Entrepreneurial & Business Institute – Baltimore Urban League
  •          Representation on the Mental Health in the Workplace Advisory Council, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health–A Public Health Summit to Improve Workplace Mental Health
  •          Engagement of Baltimore City Council – supported opposition to legislation on minimum wage increase exclusive to Baltimore City due to hardship on small and minority business; review of re-zoning legislation which addresses saturation of liquor stores in residential neighborhoods 

Message From the President

Greetings Baltimore City, it is a pleasure to serve as the President of the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to working with you to create a pipeline of entrepreneurs in our region.


K. Tilghman 

Kendrick "Dj5Starr" Tilghman, MBA


5Starr Enterprise LLC


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